Your Birthday Party in «ShishkiNN»

Thinking of how and when to throw a birthday party? How to find a cool place for a loud company? What if the date falls into winter months? We invite you to celebrate this great occasion in the remarkable forest resort just in 2 hours out of the city!  

«ShishkiNN» Resort & SPA  has lots of ways to arrange your party in many various scenarios - either in quite family format or in a loud and proud gang of your friends and girlfriends. 

What «ShishkiNN» Resort & SPA has to offer specially for you:

    • Birthday person is entitled for 10% accommodation discount
    • 10% discount for SPA
    • 10% discont for dinner at the restaurant
    • Complementary bottle of Campaign and fruits will be awaiting for you in the room
    • All your guests will get 5% accommodation discount

Locations and venues

  • 3 restaurants
  • 2 banquet halls
  • banquet menus
  • summer patios
  • summer pool
  • bike and quadrocycle rentals
  • wooden sauna on the lake
  • shooting club
  • horse rides
  • massage
  • SPA
  • kinder club and animation programs
  • sport courts
  • hunting and fishing

Reservation conditions:

 The discounts are not valid for holidays or when the package deals are set for required date. 

The proposal is valid during 2 week after your proved birthday date.
While making the reservation, please mention to the manager that it will be your "Birthday Party"