Do you hear, hear the crickets in the grass gossip? Telling each other the latest news, sharing information about the nearest water meadows, complaining about inconsiderate neighbors and inviting each other to dinner.


See how the magic light of the setting sun is scattered among the pines! Rays play hide and seek with each other peeking out from under the pine legs, giggling shyly and then run away.


Do you feel how a gentle breeze, smelling of pine resin and fragrant wild herbs, touches your face? It gives you the best that is capable of - transparent freshness, purity and ringing shy coolness.


Sit down comfortably - we spread a crisp tablecloth, expand stylish devices, deliver sparkling glasses. Dinner in the arbour - is a romantic of nature, the comfort of the restaurant and just a great pastime, filled with sincerity, warmth and good humor. Do not refuse yourself in the pleasure!