Eco kitchen


Do you remember the taste of the ground tomato? It smells of freedom, acerbity and summer heat. Pluck the fruit - and have the sun in your hands, huge and hot.

 Closing eyes,you imagine what a cucumber looks like from the garden. Scratchy, gruff, slightly grimy. It crunches so delicious as crunched cucumbers only in childhood at grandmother`s house in the garden.

 Bunch of the arugula is so fragrant . Dill - is the freshest and almost melting on the tongue. Spinach - is so tender and juicy as a glass of spring water.

 At the country club "ShishkiNN" restaurants all this needs no introduction - just offer and feel the taste of natural products personally grown by the hotel team . Farm eggs, fresh meat, vegetables just from garden-bed - all this for your pleasure and use.