10 reasons to come to "ShishkiNN" Resort and SPA

10 reasons to come to "ShishkiNN" Resort and SPA

When choosing a place to spend a vacation this year, what are you looking for, what do you pay attentintion to? Whatever your needs are, there is one solution that meets all the requirements, and it is called country club "ShishkiNN." Do not you believe ? Here you have 10 evidence that the answer to all your questions is hotel "ShishkiNN":


Nature surrounding the country club "ShishkiNN," you will remember forever - this incomparable pines and the intoxicating air and clean water, and the endless sky. A very special microclimate and environmental cleanliness - here you breathe in deeply, here you want to sing and spin, to love and admire.


  1. Hotel staff "ShishkiNN" is in the territory exclusively so that guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Your holiday - is their job, and they do it with the  professionalism and desire, gently and efficiently.


  1. Country Club "ShishkiNN" - a modern elegant rooms in which you will be able to feel comfortable, appreciate coziness and enjoy the solitude. Almost like home!


  1. Rest with health benefits - it's here! Wide range of spa services, from massages and peelings and finishing bath and sauna will not only give a lot of pleasant moments, but also will make you healthier,  will make you stronger and prepare for a new working period.


  1. Leisure activities on the territory of the country club "ShishkiNN" include a fascinating journey on bicycles, romantic ballooning, adventurous hunting, rich fishing, extreme journeys on quad bikes. You will never forget it.


  1. Country Club "ShishkiNN" - is an area for children. Boys and girls of all ages will be interested in our activities, will be entertained and will have  fun. We guarantee only one problem - to take away the children home will be very difficult.


  1. Rich breakfasts,luxury lunches , great suppers - a kitchen of the country club "ShishkiNN" is considered to be one of the best and delicious food definitely will be one of the reasons that you will return again and again here: a team of professional chefs will satisfy any request, perform any wish and will certainly surprise by the quality, freshness and unconventional approach.

  2. It is impossible to get bored here - a huge amount of fun will make day interesting and full of classes from early morning till the late evening. Billiards, archery, crossbow club, excursions, campfire, eco-walks - the choice is limited only by your imagination!


  1. Do you need to connect rest with business? Not a problem! Country Club "ShishkiNN" provides conference halls, conducts team-building activities and helps with the decision  any labor question.


Harmony - this is the word which you begin to feel as really existing thing at the country club "ShishkiNN".