Two outdoor heated pools

Friends! We are waiting for you at our summer recreation area by the outdoor pool to relax with the whole family. Here you can swim and sunbathe, play and participate in competitions, enjoy refreshing cocktails, lie on a sun lounger and do nothing under the summer sun!

Our summer recreation area is:

    Outdoor heated pool 20x8 meters

    Kids heated swimming pool 20x8 meters

    Swimming pool for babies


    Slide for children

    Comfortable beds with mattresses and umbrellas

    Individual altanka

    Luggage storage

    Altanka for SPA services

    Summer cafe with a grill menu and mangal room


We offer our little guests a children's pool with a slide and a maximum depth of 90 cm. The water passes several cleaning steps and is heated to the optimum temperature, so even on cool days it is comfortable and pleasant to swim with us.

Activity in the pool "Mom and baby"

For children up to 3 years with moms.

Every day at 10.00

Classes with health benefits!

    We increase the resistance of the body of the child to temperature changes and strengthen its immunity to various diseases.

    We improve the blood circulation of the brain, contributing to the more rapid development of the child.

    We train the children's proper breathing, develop their bronchial system, coordination, etc.

    Swimming and playing in the water, the child develops the motor sphere, strengthens faith in his physical abilities.

    In the pool, the kid acquires the necessary life skills of being on open ponds.

Every day at 11.00 am for everyone who wants to do water aerobics

On the territory of the aquazone there are individual altankas with a capacity of 2 adults and 2 children. The cost of rent for the whole day is 1000 UAH for altanka.

For living guests use of the water zone is free!

Dear guests, visiting the pool with young children is carried out in the presence of bathing clothes. On their own, without adults, children can enter the pool from the age of 16. Thank you for understanding!