The hotel - LLC «SHISHKINN SPA HOTEL», which gives hotel services providing temporary accommodation with compulsory service.

Room -is single furnished room that consists of one or several rooms equipped for temporary accommodation.

Booking – the ordering process by hotel customer basic and \ or extra services in a certain amount for the use of services in due time by specific guests or group of guests, implemented in the application form by phone or fax, or email.

Confirmation of booked services - the agreement at a specified ordered list of basic and additional services provided by telephone or fax, or e-mail in accordance with the reservation request.

Refusal booking services – the failure of reservations in basic and additional services at a specified contract period, undertaken under this Regulation.

Cancellation - customer failure of booked services.

Check in day- the date of arrival to the hotel.

Check out - the date of departure guests from the hotel.

Early check in –guest arrival to the hotel with the estimated hours.

Late check-out - leaving the hotel after check-out hours a day.

Check-out time - time that is installed in the hotel and the occurrence of which guests have to leave the room on the day of departure and after which the guest can check in.


1. Terms

1.1. These rules establish internal rules Accommodation Ltd. "SHISHKINN SPA HOTEL" (hereinafter - the hotel), the rules of use of property, the amount and terms of provided services, the responsibility of the guests and the hotel.

1.2. Property activities regulated by the Law of Ukraine "About Tourism" , by rules of hotels and similar accommodation and approved hotel services by the State Tourism Administration of Ukraine from 16.03.2004. №19, these rules and other legal documents.

2. Procedure of check in

2.1. The room is given to guests upon presentation of a document proving identity (passport of citizen of Ukraine, a passport of citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, diplomatic or service passport, seaman's identity card, a document of residence in Ukraine a person who lives in Ukraine, but not a citizen, national passport of a foreigner or a document in lieu thereof, and visa (permission) for the right to stay in Ukraine (unless otherwise provided by applicable international agreements), birth certificate of the minor children under the age of 16 years, driver's license, for military - military personnel certificate, the certificate that issued the guests workplace and others.) and completing the questionnaires established form.

2.2 If there are seats available and for the guest`srequest it can be given room for two seats (if this number is calculated on double occupancy) or three positions (if the room is for triple occupancy) with full payment of room.

2.3 It is forbidden withdrawal of the security of passports or documents replacing them, in the guests settled at the hotel.

3. Rules of using hotel property

3.1. The hotel provides guests with accommodations furnished rooms, equipped with household appliances (TV, mini-bar, etc..), and other plumbing equipment. The rooms and common areas are insulated, have modern decor, engineering services, equipment and packaging.

3.2. Guests must take care of the hotel property, use it for its intended purpose, comply with fire safety requirements. In case of property damage, technical failures, extreme events (fill, fire, glass breakage, etc.), you must immediately notify the administrator.

3.3. Persons living in hotels are not allowed:

• smoking in the room;

• spoil the hotel property (appliances, furniture, bedding, textiles, towels, robes, mini-bar products, and other items included in the assembly room);

• take property from a hotel (bedding, textiles, towels, bathrobes, kitchenware, mini-bar products, and other items included in the assembly room);

• keep in the room dangerous to life and health substances, materials, etc., and things that can damage property;

• throw out into drains leftover food and other waste;

• rearrange furniture without the consent of the hotel administration;

• use electric heaters, outside the assembly room;

• in the period of absence, leave in the room unauthorized persons without registration and warning the administrator of the hotel;

• disturb other guests making noise;

• Openly has all kinds of civil, utility, military weapons, which have the guests of the hotel, including in the execution of their duties, as well as special means of equipment;

• transfer room key to others.

3.4. Guests are required to follow these rules, if there is a repeated violation of these Rules, which may cause material damage and creates inconvenience to other guests, hotel has the right to refuse settlement or expulsion of guests.

4. Internal regulations living in the hotel

4.1. Compliance with internal regulations controls hotel administrator, which provides guests with advice on rules of residence receives comments on the work of the hotel staff.

4.2. Agreement on the provision of basic services to hotel guest is considered concluded after registration of booking documents by filling out the registration card and make sure by the settlement document.

4.3. Guests after the conclusion of the contract for accommodation in the hotel receive at the reception room key provided for your stay.

4.4. If guest stores particularly valuable items (money, jewelry, etc.), which are compact and can be easily taken out, the guest, in order to guarantee their safety,  have to keep them in the safe, which is located in each room.

4.5. In all rooms and other hotel areas smoking is prohibited, except for designated smoking areas. Smoking in the hotel rooms shall be fined in the amount of 500 UAH. In the case of re-smoking in the wrong places, the hotel has the right to evict the guest and apply penalties again.

4.6. From 23.00 to 8.00 hours inside the hotel is necessary to maintain silence. The rooms at this time is prohibited to include a large volume of the radio and television.

4.7. To our guests can come visitors. The hotel resident  must agree guest`s coming. Hotel resident is responsible for his guest. The administrator has the right to check the documents of the guest.

4.8. If the guest wants not to be disturbed, he can hang on the outside door handle plate with the inscription "Do not Disturb", included in the equipment room. On the reverse side of the plate made the inscription "Please clean!". This plate resident may hang if it considers that it is necessary to clean the room.

4.9. The residence of the animals at the hotel is permitted in an amount of not more than two in the same room. The cost of living for each animal is 300 UAH per day. For the animals, which are allowed in the hotel accommodation include only the dog growing up to 30 cm, weighing up to 5 kg. While booking, guests must notify the hotel administrator about animal in advance. Guests coming to stay in a hotel with the animals must have a passport for an animal and a certificate from the veterinarian with the mark on all vaccinations that have been made to the animal. Upon check-in with the animals, the guest signs 'Policies Pets ", which confirms guest's acceptance of these terms and full responsibility for their animals, both material and damaging the hotel and hotel`s guests.
5. Energy saving

5.1. After leaving the room all the electrical appliances should be turned off, do not leave appliances  (except the mini-bar) and lighting after exiting the room.

5.2. The rooms may not use extension cords, powerful electrical appliances, including heaters, except in cases where these devices are in standard rooms or issued for use by the hotel staff.

5.3. It is unacceptable to leave without the need open the cold taps, and most importantly, hot water. Do not leave open the valves (faucets) after leaving the room.

5.4. Electricity consumption is limited to the Hotel. Unreasonable its use can lead to power outages throughout the complex.

5.5. For phone calls inside the hotel, it is desirable to use internal numbers with 3 digits (phone book is in each room). It allows the offload link. For calls to external numbers will be charged according to current tariffs.

6. Video surveillance

6.1. The hotel area, all entrances to it, internal staircases and corridors are monitored
camcorders. All the information recorded on digital media and stored.
Surveillance is carried out with a view to the safety of guests and their property, the property of the Hotel.
By signing the guest registration card, resident takes into account and does not object to the fact  using video surveillance systems in the hotel rooms (except room and toilet cabins, etc.).

7. Arrival and parking of vehicles

7.1. It is strictly forbidden to leave vehicles on arrival and departure, domestic travel, sleeping in (parking is not more than 15 minutes), restaurants and other buildings of the hotel.

7.2. For violation of parking regulations and parking is a penalty in the amount of 500 UAH. In such the case of such violations again hotel administration has the right to evict a guest.


8. Services provided by hotel
8.1. The hotel provides basic services included in the price, and additional, which are provided for a fee. Without the guest`s consent the hotel can not provide additional services not stipulated by the contract. Guests are entitled to refuse to pay for these services, and in case of payment the hotel is obliged to return the amount paid. The hotel can not tie the performance of certain services subject to other services.
8.2 Basic services include the provision of rooms for accommodation, room service, ambulance call, using first aid kit, wake-up guest at some time it, calling a taxi.
8.3. The hotel welcomes guests to stay around the clock. The use of the available number gives to a specific number of seats.
Children`s accommodation  under 6 years old accompanied by an adult is free of charge including breakfast, without extra bed.
8.4. Current room cleaning (dusting, garbage delivered, washing glasses and cups,
cleaning bathrooms, bed cleaning) are held daily.
8.5. Each time after the departure of the guests made a complete cleaning, namely: change of linen, towels, disinfection of toilets, wash mini-bar, cleaning carpets vacuuming, wiping all surfaces.
8.6. Bed linen is carried out at least once every three to four days, depending on the timing of exit numbers. At the request of the extraordinary change of towels or bed linen can be carried out at an additional cost.
8.7. At least once in a quarter held a general cleaning (washing windows, cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture).
8.8. Payment for the use of mini-bar, are charged according to the price list.


9. Procedure of booking and payment

9.1. Hotel may conclude contract on reservations with guest, as well as book rooms by taking bookings received via any means of communication: via fax, postal service, E-mail, on the phone.

9.2. A contract is concluded in case of matching reservation request directed to the hotel
and reaching agreement by parts on all essential terms.

9.3. Reservations made on the basis provided by the quest request, which must contain the following information:
• the name and surname of the guests (guest)
• arrival and departure date;
• the scheduled arrival and departure times
• Type and number of rooms;
• presence of children;
• The name of the country of nationality of the guest (guests)
• contact information;
• warranty and the type of payment;
• Special conditions of accommodation;
• the guest list;
• any other useful information.

9.4. Any changes to the reservation requests are made in writing or by phone.

9.5. In the case of unordered advance extension of stay or change the group check-in date hotel decides to extend the period of stay of the group depending on the number of rooms available, and reserves the right to refuse the booking or the extension of the stay.

9.7. Reservations can be canceled:

9.7.1 on the request of the individual guest, filed away for 3 days prior to the date of arrival, without charging the cost of booked rooms. If a request for cancellation of the reservation has been submitted from 2 up to 1 day from the date of arrival indicated in the booking, hotel is entitled to charge for cancellation for 1 night stay. If the request for cancellation of the reservation has been submitted on the day of arrival or guest did not leave, hotel is entitled to charge 100% of the total cost of rooms booked per day calculated based on the estimated hours. These rules do not apply when booking in high season and holidays;

9.7.2. For reservations in the High season and Holidays, at the request of the individual guest, filed to the hotel at any time, the cost of booked rooms will not be refunded.

9.8. Guest must pay for hotel services at the established prices. Payment for hotel services can be performed by non-cash payment, including payment cards Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, through the payment terminal and cash by making cash at the hotel cashier.

9. 9. Provision of accommodation in the hotel carried at fixed prices.
9.10. Tariff rates are set orders (orders) by the hotel and / or contracts.


10. Accommodation Policy
10.1. The hotel has a local estimated time - 12.00 for departure and arrival, subject to availability (spaces), 14.00 for arrival.

10.2. Check in and accommodation in the hotel starts at 14.00 current day local time, and is subject to availability - from 12.00 current day local time.

10.3. Check in before 14.00 hours based on availability.
10.4.3 Early check in  from 06.00 h. To 12.00 h. charged 50% of the cost for the first night according to the tariff.
10.5.3 Early check in from 00 hours to 06.00 hours. charged 100% of the cost for the first night according to the tariff.

10.6. When guest stays at the hotel less than a day, will be charged for a full day irrespective of the time and the estimated settlement day.
10.7. Check out after 12.00 is an additional service and is based on room’s availability.
10.8. Check out after checkout time from 12.00. to 22.00 is being charged at a rate of 10% of the cost of living for each hour.
10.9. Check out after checkout time since 22.00 till 12.00 h. Next day is being charged at a rate of 100% of the price per night and rooms according to the tariff.


11. Termination of guest’s stay. Refusal of check in.

11.1. Guests stop staying at the hotel with the completion of the contract.
11.2. Guests are entitled to terminate the service agreement at any time subject to the payment of services actually rendered.

11.3. If the guest repeatedly violate internal policies, which results or may result in property damage, creates a nuisance to other guests, the hotel has the right to refuse or terminate the settlement agreement (to carry out the check out).

11.4. The administrator has the right to refuse a settlement in the following cases:
- The guest missed documents, the documents are invalid or outdated, there is a suspicion of the fact,that documents are false;
- No payment for a room in the prescribed manner and in the required amount;
- The guest untidy, dirty appearance, he is in a state of intoxication, inadequately aggressive behavior;
- Guest refuses to comply with the internal rules of living in hotels (smoking mode, parking, etc.);
- In other cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.
In case of dispute, the question resolves administration.


12 The responsibility of the hotel and guest

12.1. Assuming default in whole or in part of contractual obligations related to the provision of services, the defaulting party shall compensate the other party incurred in connection therewith.
12.2. The hotel needs to take action to address deficiencies in the services provided to the terms defining the technical specifications and terms of restoration of breakdown or services.

12.3. Hotel  is responsible for the safety of the guest’s things that are in the living room, except for valuables (money, jewelry, securities, electronics, etc.).
12.8. In case of loss or damage of guest’s thing, the guest must immediately notify the hotel. If, before the expiry of residence guest did not put forward their demands to the hotel, it is considered that his things weren’t lost or damaged.

12.9. In case of forgotten things Hotel shall immediately notify the owner of things, if it is known. Forgotten items are kept in the hotel for 6 months, and then destroyed.

12.10. Hotel is not responsible for  vehicle security of guests.

12.11. When Hotel has considerable material damage due to the fault or negligence of the guests or their visitors on a mandatory basis should be made an act of standard pattern.