Bike rental

Oh, If only to sit to a bicycle, spin the pedals so that the track should stay, and dart away deep into the forest! Fly, fly and fly like wings - forward without stopping, fast-fast and even faster! Around - tall pines, endless blue sky, space and freedom...

 Ah, If only to reach beauty clearing, fall to the ground and bury his face in the herbs! Lie, inhaling the scents of Ukraine, its vast expanses, vast forests, wide sky. Birds singing, the sounds of life and love songs around

 Oh, If only to sit on the bike, lazily spin the pedals and go quietly, absorbing the soul of the surrounding pictures. Greedily stare at the sides, cling all the details that hide inside the smallest details - currently, everything myself for many days and weeks ahead. Silence, ringing of mind, a special peace around...

 Dreams often come true - it is important to know that anything is possible. Country Club "ShishkiNN" just help with the implementation of one of them - there are  bicycle rental and operating sports equipment around the territory. Sit down - and fly forward, to dream!

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