About Us

Загородный отдых под Киевом

Country Club "ShishkiNN" was built in the heart of the vast forests of Chernigov in the best possible preservation of natural vegetation. The entire infrastructure of the hotel blend in with the natural landscape - buildings surrounded by centuries-old pine trees, paths and trails pass between mosses and ferns, the area is dotted with pine needles and cones. Due to the unique nature, the air is saturated with essential oils of pine trees that provides herbal medicine session for the duration of your stay at the hotel.

 The decoration of the hotel consists of ecologically pure materials. Water, which is used at the territory of the hotel, - extracted from the purest artesian well. Products are natural, obtained from reliable suppliers. On its own vegetable garden farm exclusively organic fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown.

 Country Club "ShishkiNN" is making great efforts to maintain the ecological orientation of the services offered to guests.