Who said that to participate in the Oktoberfest, it is imperative to send to distant lands in some distant Bavaria? It is not necessary! 

Go to the "ShishkiNN"! There are lots of reasons that should give preference to our country club, forgetting about home beer festival.

  Firstly, "ShishkiNN" much closer - and if you are not at the disposal of so much free time, you can save it on the road and get additional hours of outdoor activities.


Secondly, the country club boasts a nature that you will not find anywhere else - a stunning pine trees, incredible purity river, intoxicating air, soft carpet of fallen needles ... 

Third, the professional team guaranteed will make every effort to make your holiday a holiday, and the holiday - in the most vivid and fond memories to which you will return again and again in order to once again come to visit ... "ShishkiNN "!


Октоберфест по-ШишкiNN-ски – это море свежего пива, вкуснейшие закуски, веселый смех, отличная компания, интересные развлечения, приятные сюрпризы и море, море позитива!