Mena Zoo

There are magical places that are able to give joy simaltaneously to people of all ages, and one of those places - this is definitely the zoo: an island of childhood, pure happiness and bright emotions. Funny monkey, proud lions, gentle goat, exotic zebras, unrealistic llamas, romantic flamingos - usually visitting corner of nature brings an unforgettable experience, uplifting and then a long time remembers the colorful pictures during family teas.

Do not want to get out on a trip to Mena Zoo - one of the best petting zoo in Ukraine? Boys and girls will be happy playground and the proximity and availability of animals, adults probably will enjoy by treating animals special food, the whole family will be able to meet new members of the world's fauna and spend time close to nature.

Excursion to the zoo from Country Club "ShishkiNN" - a great way to spend time with your family!