Excursion to Chernigiv

Have you ever been to Chernigov - the heart of the north Ukrainian? Do you do guns on the shaft, come in the Cathedral of the Savior there? Have you wandered Elias Monastery caves, sought a meeting with the ghosts?


By hearing all of the questions you just puzzled, you can never say that you were in Chernihiv. Its capital - amazing! It affects the inner greatness and some unrealistic pride, it feels rod, character, mind. Chernihiv simultaneously stuns and amazes serenity simplicity, fills the soul of weightlessness and remains at the heart of tangible memory. Sea of green, old houses, majestic churches, picturesque hills - it's not a city, it is - the magic page of your personal tales of the past, mysterious, beautiful.


Would you like to visit Chernigiv? In no case do not give up traveling to the city, full of history, greatness, love and magic, today - the best time to go there for a tour.