Children`s menu

Do you have a family grows a little Nehochuha, flatly refuses to eat? On such instances - our favorite format! Staff country club "ShishkiNN" has a wealth of experience in dealing with such problems and is ready to commit to feeding your capricious.

 Children do not need food - they need a fairy tale: bold knights, beautiful princesses, fire-breathing dragons, magic flowers, enchanted forest. Few young gourmets agree breakfast porridge, while no one refuses to eat, if you get a plate with a raging sea, on which the ship is floating with the brave sailors. It is unlikely that someone from small dinner companions will be vegetable soup, but who do not want to look at a plate of seven flowers, three letters A and five hearts, and then receive the prize for discovering the treasure? Rare baby graciously accept the idea of having cheese for dinner, but who will mind if there are small white teddy bear waiting for your friends in a plate with white drifts? 

Country Club "ShishkiNN" developed a special children's menu to delight your heirs and heiresses tasty, healthy and - most importantly - fabulous meals.