Do you seriously think that the game rooms designed for children? We hasten to reassure, remember: a playroom - a magical place that invented for parents who dream of a few hours of silence


From time to time for all of us is vital to be alone with your thoughts and enjoy a small amount of personal time - and it is for this purpose there is an amazing space, full of light, colors, joy, cheerful boyish laughter and sincere girl's smile.


The game room`s teachers of country club "ShishkiNN"  will do anything to the baby feeling in the story, he wanted to enjoy again and again with the desire to run away from their parents where they can get up to anything - to draw on the walls of pens, build towers to sky, jump on the ball, sleep on pillows. Do not hesitate, qualified staff will entice your child an unusual game, writing hundreds of interesting stories and seriously respond to questions about why the squid not green blood and who cut off the ears of the snake.


Children need playrooms in order their parents to feel free, calmly, peacefully and happily. In short, as necessary and on vacation.