Excursion to Sednev

Congratulations, finally you have a holiday! Fully supporting your decision to hold it at the country club "ShishkiNN" we advise you to think about leisure and outside the complex. Small excursions to nearby towns - is that enrich the memories of the holiday by sketches rich, colorful pictures, vivid colors.


Ancient Sednev located on the banks of the picturesque river Snov. Freely stretched "hands", scattering them on both sides of the river, it offers relax, forget about the hustle and bustle, set aside all previous experience of life in modern civilization and return to the time in the history of grizzled, walk paths that liked to go Taras Shevchenko, visit the mystical place where the shooting took place, "Wii".


You will see the old wooden church of St. George, built in the pre-Mongol period, touch the past, wandering among the mounds of Kievan Rus, plunge into the world kind Lizogubov by looking at their homestead. The secrets of "Sednev mummies", the mystical Holy Ascension Church, the tomb of the seer Grits Zolotyusenkogo - Sedniv prepared for you a lot of mysteries. Are we going to look for the answers?