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Nothing adorns a woman like a fresh, rested look and healthy, clean skin. We invite you to visit our cosmetologist at our Organic SPA. Here you will find a complete range of necessary services.

The following procedures are especially popular in the summer season.


We have selected the most effective SPA programs for you.


Whether you like it or not, the weather still leaves its mark on your face. Sun or frost, as well as wind, sooner or later lead to significant dehydration of your skin. We know what to do with these insidious consequences.

Deep CO2 skin saturation works wonders! This is what all our guests who have experienced the lightning-fast effect of this procedure will tell you.

Slowing down the skin aging process, enhancing cellular metabolism, stimulating collagen production is now easy! The epidermis regenerates, tightens, evens out pigmentation, and looks healthier.

Just come and trust our professionals!

Moisturizing Facial Procedure
Moisturizing Facial Procedure "HYDRA"

Moisturizing Facial Procedure “HYDRA”


  • Skin cleansing;
  • Moisturizing mask;
  • Cream.
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