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SPA Rates

Service Name
Price, UAH
Exclusive SPA Treatments
SPA Composition "Amber Pine"
2199 UAH/150 mins
SPA Composition "Forest Magic"
2299 UAH/160 mins
Comprehensive Care "Sea Whims"
1649 UAH/100 mins
Comprehensive Care "Chocolate Delight"
1899 UAH/120 mins
Comprehensive Care "Currant Charms"
2299 UAH/150 mins
Comprehensive Care "Lady Dream"
2299 UAH/150 mins
Comprehensive Care "Mister Dream"
1899 UAH/120 mins
Moisturizing Body Care "Yogurt Pleasure"
1699 UAH/60 mins
SPA Composition "Forest Walk" BALADE EN FORET
1699 UAH/85 mins
Whole Body Toning Peeling GOMMAGE
1199 UAH/30 mins
Body Shaping
Anti-cellulite Massage
1299 UAH/60 mins
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
1279 UAH/60 mins
Comprehensive Anti-Cellulite Care "Perfect Figure"
1999 UAH/120 mins
SPA Composition "Minus Kilograms"
2299 UAH/180 mins
Classic Massage Types
Classic Massage
1099 UAH/60 mins
Back Massage
1069 UAH/45 mins
Head Massage
749 UAH/30 mins
Foot Massage
849 UAH/30 mins
Face Tonus Massage
959 UAH/30 mins
Restorative Massage
1299 UAH/60 mins
Relax Massages
"Pine Grove"
1179 UAH/60 mins
"Above the Clouds"
1699 UAH/90 mins
Hot Stone Massage
1399 UAH/60 mins
Thai Foot/Leg Massage
1069 UAH/60 mins
Pearl Bath (oxygen)
929 UAH/30 mins
Pine Bath
929 UAH/30 mins
Lavender Bath
999 UAH/30 mins
Underwater Modeling Massage
1149 UAH/40 mins
Sharko Shower
1049 UAH/30 mins
Children's Procedures
Massage and LFC for Posture Disorders
849 UAH/45 mins
Massage and LFC for Flatfoot
849 UAH/45 mins
Children's Massage
899 UAH/30 mins
"Bebi Boom" with one of the parents (from 3 to 6 years old)
1669 UAH/75 mins
"Lollipop" (from 7 to 12 years old)
1299 UAH/90 mins
"Relax Time" (from 7 to 12 years old)
1269 UAH/90 mins
Heat Procedures
Turkish Soap Massage
1899 UAH/120 mins
Organic Peeling in Hammam
1449 UAH/60 mins
Pine Aroma Heating in the Sauna
999 UAH/30 mins
Foam Massage in Hammam
1499 UAH/60 mins
Private SPA
SPA Ritual for Two "Love Formula"
2799 UAH/150 mins
SPA Ritual for Two "Love Story"
3099 UAH/180 mins
SPA Ritual for Two "Sweet Couple"
3299 UAH/180 mins
SPA Ritual for Two "Royal Pleasure"
3999 UAH/180 mins
Facial and Décolleté Procedures - Medicare Cosmetics (Germany)
1499 UAH/60 mins
Facial and Décolleté Procedures - Faith Cosmetics (Japan)
Anti-Aging Program with Live Collagen for Sensitive or Normal Skin
1499 UAH/60 mins
Recovery, Moisturizing, Regeneration 25+
1299 UAH/60 mins
Nips Intensive Rejuvenation Program
1399 UAH/60 mins
Facial and Décolleté Procedures - Yon-ka Cosmetics (France)
Deep Cleansing System LE GRAND CLASSIQUE (Ultrasonic Cleaning)
1299 UAH/90 mins
Ultrasonic Cleaning (express care)
999 UAH/60 mins
Microcurrent Therapy
1199 UAH/90 mins
Microcurrent Therapy (express care)
899 UAH/45 mins
Deep Hydration Program DEEP HYDRATION
1299 UAH/80 mins
Anti-Aging Program "Toning" VITAL DEFENSE
1499 UAH/90 mins
Express Care with Moisturizing Mask HYDRANº1
899 UAH/30 mins
Relaxation and Deep Cleansing of the Skin with Alginate Mask and Hot Stone Massage "ECLAT COCOON"
1759 UAH/80 mins