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10  Reasons  to  Visit  “ShishkiNN” 

When choosing a place to spend your vacation this year, what are you looking for? What do you pay attention to? Whatever your requirements may be, there is one solution that meets all of them, and it’s called the ShishkiNN Country SPA Hotel. Don’t believe it? Here are 10 proofs that ShishkiNN is the answer to all your questions:

  1. The nature surrounding ShishkiNN Country SPA Hotel will leave a lasting impression – the unparalleled pines, intoxicating air, purest water, and endless sky. The unique microclimate and ecological purity here make you want to breathe deeply, sing and dance, love and admire.
  1. The hotel staff is dedicated exclusively to making guests feel comfortable and at ease. Your relaxation is their job, and they perform it with the utmost professionalism and desire, unobtrusively and efficiently.
  1. ShishkiNN Country SPA Hotel offers modern, exquisite rooms where you can feel comfortable, appreciate the coziness, and enjoy solitude. Almost like being at home!
  1. Resting with health benefits is what you’ll find here! The widest range of SPA services, from massages and peels to baths and saunas, will not only provide a lot of pleasant moments but also improve your health, make you stronger, and prepare you for a new work period.
  1. Active recreation on the territory of ShishkiNN Country SPA Hotel turns into an exciting journey on bicycles, romantic balloon flights, adventurous hunting, successful fishing, and extreme quad biking. You will never forget this!
  1. ShishkiNN Country SPA Hotel is a paradise for children. Boys and girls of any age will find it interesting and incredibly exciting. We guarantee only one problem – taking the kids back home will be extremely difficult.
  1. Hearty breakfasts, luxurious lunches, and delightful dinners – the cuisine at ShishkiNN is rightfully considered one of the best, and delicious food will undoubtedly become one of the reasons you’ll keep coming back: a team of professional chefs will meet any requirements, fulfill any wishes, and surely surprise you with quality, freshness, and a unique approach.
  1. It’s impossible to get bored here – the vast array of entertainment will fill your day with interesting activities from early morning until late at night. Archery and crossbow club, excursions, bonfire site, eco-walks – the choice is limited only by your imagination!
  1. Need to combine rest with business? No problem! ShishkiNN Country SPA Hotel provides conference hall services, organizes team-building events, and helps with any important (work-related) issue.
  1. Harmony is the word that you start to feel as a tangible thing at ShishkiNN Country SPA Hotel.