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  • Hotel – LLC “SHISHKINN SPA HOTEL”, which provides hotel services for temporary accommodation with mandatory servicing.
  • Room – a separate furnished room consisting of one or more rooms equipped for temporary accommodation.
  • Reservation – the process of placing an order by the hotel client for basic and/or additional services to a specified extent for the use of services within specified terms by specific guests or a group of guests, in the form of a telephone or fax application, or by email.
  • Confirmation of reserved services – the hotel’s agreement to perform the ordered list of basic and additional services, provided by telephone or fax, or by email in accordance with the reservation request.
  • Refusal of booking services – the hotel’s refusal to book basic and additional hotel services within the contractually defined period, carried out in accordance with these Rules.
  • Cancellation – the client’s refusal of reserved services.
  • Check-in date – the guest’s arrival date at the hotel.
  • Check-out date – the guest’s departure date from the hotel.
  • Early check-in – the guest’s check-in at the hotel before the check-in time.
  • Late check-out – the guest’s departure from the hotel after the check-out time on the day of departure.
  • Check-out time – the time established at the hotel, after which the guest must vacate the room on the day of departure, and after which check-in is conducted at the hotel.

1. General Provisions

1.1. These rules establish the internal order of residence at the LLC “SHYSHKINN SPA HOTEL” (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel), the rules for using the Hotel’s property, the scope and conditions of services provided, the responsibilities of guests and the Hotel.

1.2. The hotel’s activities are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Tourism”, the Rules for the use of hotels and similar accommodation and hotel services approved by the order of the State Tourism Administration of Ukraine dated March 16, 2004, No. 19, these Rules, and other regulatory documents.

2. Procedure for accommodation registration at the hotel

2.1. A room in the hotel is provided to guests upon presentation of an identification document (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad, diplomatic or service passport, seafarer’s identity document, document for residence in Ukraine of a person residing in Ukraine but not a citizen thereof, national passport of a foreigner or a document replacing it, and a visa (permit) for staying in Ukraine (unless otherwise provided by a valid international agreement), birth certificate of minors under 16 years of age, driver’s license, for military personnel – personal identification or military ID, identification issued at the guest’s workplace, etc.) and filling out a registration card of the established sample.

2.2. If there are available rooms and at the guest’s request, a room for two persons (if the room is intended for double occupancy) or three persons (if the room is intended for triple occupancy) may be provided with full payment of the room rate.

2.3. It is prohibited to retain passports or documents replacing them as a security deposit from guests staying at the hotel.

3. Rules for the use of the Hotel’s property

3.1. The hotel provides guests with furnished rooms for accommodation equipped with household appliances (TV, mini-bar, etc.), plumbing, and other equipment. Hotel rooms and common areas are insulated, have modern decor, engineering networks, equipment, and furnishings.

3.2. Guests must take care of the hotel’s property, use it for its intended purpose, and comply with fire safety rules. In case of damage to property, technical malfunctions, emergencies (floods, fires, broken glass, etc.), it is necessary to inform the administrator immediately.

3.3. Persons residing in this hotel are not allowed to:

  • Smoke in the room
  • Damage hotel property (electrical appliances, furniture, bedding, textiles, towels, bathrobes, minibar products, and other items included in the room equipment);
  • Take hotel property (bed, textiles, towels, bathrobes, dishes, minibar products, and other items included in the room equipment) with them;
  • Store in the rooms substances and materials hazardous to life and health, and items that can damage property;
  • Dispose of food residues and other waste in the sewerage system;
  • Move furniture without agreement with the hotel administration;
  • Use electric heating appliances not included in the room equipment;
  • Leave third parties in the room during their absence without registering and notifying the hotel administrator;
  • Disturb other guests by creating noise;
  • Openly carry any types of civilian, service, combat weapons in the hotel, including during their official duties, as well as special equipment;
  • Hand over the room key to other persons.

3.4. Guests are obliged to comply with these rules. In case of repeated violations of these Rules, which may lead to material damages and inconvenience to other guests, the hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation or evict such guests.

4. Internal order of residence at the hotel

4.1. Compliance with the internal order in the hotel is controlled by the administrator, who provides guests with consultation on residence rules, accepts feedback on the hotel staff’s work.

4.2. The contract for the provision of basic hotel services to the guest is considered concluded after the registration documents for residence by filling out a registration card and is certified by a settlement document.

4.3. After concluding the contract for accommodation at the hotel, guests receive from the administrator the key to the room provided for accommodation.

4.4. If guests have particularly valuable items (money, valuables, etc.) that are compact in size and easy to carry, the guest, to guarantee their safety, must keep them in a safe located in each room.

4.5. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and other premises of the hotel, except for places specifically designated for this purpose. A fine of UAH 1000 is imposed for smoking in hotel premises. In case of repeated smoking in unauthorized places, the hotel administration has the right to evict the guest and apply repeated penalty sanctions.

4.6. From 23:00 to 8:00, silence must be maintained inside the hotel. In the rooms during this time, it is prohibited to turn on audio systems and televisions at high volume.

4.7. Guests may come to the hotel. The arrival of guests should be approved by the residing in the hotel. If necessary, the administrator has the right to check the guest’s documents.

4.8. If a guest wishes not to be disturbed, he/she can hang a sign on the outside door handle with the inscription “Do Not Disturb”, which is included in the room equipment. On the reverse side of the sign is the inscription “Please clean!”. The resident can hang such a sign if he/she believes that the room needs cleaning.

4.9. Pets are allowed to stay at the hotel in quantities not exceeding two in one room. The cost of staying each pet is UAH 300 per day. Only dogs up to 30 cm in height and weighing up to 5 kg are allowed to stay at the hotel. When booking, the guest must inform the hotel administrator in advance about the pet. Guests who come to the hotel with pets must have the animal’s passport and a certificate from a veterinarian confirming all vaccinations given to the animal. Upon checking in at the hotel with pets, the guest signs the “Rules for Guests Staying with Pets”, confirming agreement with these rules and full responsibility for their pet, both material and in case of damage to the hotel and hotel guests.

5. Energy conservation

5.1. After leaving the room, all electrical appliances must be turned off, it is prohibited to leave electrical appliances (except for the minibar) and lighting on after leaving the room.

5.2. It is prohibited to use extension cords, powerful electrical appliances in rooms, including heating appliances, except in cases when these appliances are part of the standard equipment of the room or are issued for use by hotel personnel.

5.3. It is unacceptable to leave cold water taps, especially hot water taps open unnecessarily. It is prohibited to leave these taps (mixers) open after leaving the room.

5.4. Electricity consumption for the Hotel is limited. Its unreasonable use may lead to power outage throughout the complex.

5.5. For phone calls inside the hotel, it is advisable to use internal numbers with 3 digits. This helps to relieve the communication line.

6. Video surveillance

6.1. The territory of the Hotel, all its entrances, internal stairs and corridors are monitored by video cameras. All information is recorded, recorded on digital media, and stored.

Video surveillance is carried out for the safety of guests, their property, and the Hotel’s property.

By signing the guest registration card, which he resides, takes into account and does not object to the use of video surveillance systems in hotel premises (except for rooms and toilet cabins, etc.).

7. Parking and parking of vehicles

7.1. It is strictly forbidden to leave vehicles at entrances and exits, internal driveways, near the residential (parking no more than 15 min), restaurant, and other hotel buildings.

7.2.3 Violation of parking and parking rules is subject to a fine of UAH 500. In case of repeated violation of this rule, the administration of the Hotel has the right to evict the guest.

8. Services provided by the hotel

8.1. The hotel provides basic services included in the accommodation cost and additional services for a separate fee. Without the guest’s consent, the hotel cannot provide additional services not specified in the contract. The guest has the right to refuse to pay for such services, and if payment has been made, the hotel must refund the amount paid. The hotel cannot condition the provision of one service on the provision of another.

8.2. Basic services include: providing a room for accommodation, room cleaning, emergency assistance, use of a first aid kit, wake-up calls at a specific time, and taxi service.

8.3. The hotel accepts guests for accommodation around the clock. A room with a specific number of beds is provided.

Accommodation for children up to 6 years old inclusive, accompanied by adults, is free of charge, including breakfast, without providing an additional bed.

8.4. Daily cleaning of the room (dusting, trash removal, washing glasses and cups, cleaning bathrooms, making the bed) is conducted.

8.5. After each guest checks out, a full cleaning is performed, including: changing bed linen and towels, disinfecting bathrooms, cleaning the minibar, vacuuming carpets, and wiping all surfaces.

8.6. Bed linen is changed at least once every three to four days, depending on the room’s check-out terms. Upon request, an extra change of towels or bed linen can be provided for an additional fee.

8.7. General cleaning (window washing, carpet cleaning, soft furniture cleaning) is performed at least once a quarter.

8.8. Payment for minibar use is charged according to the price list located in the hotel rooms.

9. Booking procedure, payment, cancellation terms

9.1. The hotel may enter into agreements for room reservations with guests and reserve rooms by accepting booking requests received through various means of communication: fax, mail, email, phone.

9.2. A contract is considered concluded upon the hotel’s acceptance of the booking request and agreement on all essential conditions.

9.3. Room reservations are made based on the guest’s provided request, which must include the following information:

  • Guest(s) name(s)
  • Check-in and check-out dates
  • Room type and quantity
  • Presence of children
  • Country of guest(s) citizenship
  • Contact information
  • Guarantee and payment method
  • Special accommodation conditions
  • List of guests
  • Any other useful information

9.4. All changes to booking requests are made in writing or by phone.

9.5. In case of extending the stay or changing the group’s arrival date, the hotel decides on the extension of the group’s stay based on available rooms and reserves the right to refuse booking or extending the stay.

9.7. Booking can be canceled:

9.7.1. At the request of an individual guest, according to cancellation rules and specified deadlines. If a cancellation request is made on the day of arrival or if the guest does not check-in, the hotel has the right to charge the guest 100% of the total cost of the reserved rooms per day based on the calculation hour.

9.7.2. For bookings in High Season, Holiday Period, through Package Tour, at the request of an individual guest, submitted to the Hotel at any time, the cost of reserved rooms is non-refundable.

9.8. The guest is obligated to pay for hotel services at the hotel’s established prices. Payment for hotel services can be made via non-cash settlement, including Visa, Maestro, MasterCard payment cards, through a payment terminal, online payment system Liq Pay in the booking module on the website, and in cash by depositing money into the hotel’s cash desk.

9.9. Provision of accommodation services at the hotel is provided at established prices.

9.10. Rates are set by orders (orders) of the Hotel and/or in contracts.

9.11. Cancellation conditions for individual guests:

Cancellation terms for High Season (May 10 – October 15) and holiday seasons:

  1. Cancellation 5 or more days before arrival – 100% refund / possibility to reschedule booking dates once.
  2. Cancellation 3-4 days before arrival – 30% penalty.
  3. Cancellation less than 3 days before arrival – no refund, no possibility to reschedule dates.
  4. Cancellation during the period of Package Tours and promotional offers 10 days before arrival – 100% refund / possibility to reschedule booking dates once.
  5. Cancellation during the period of Package Tours and promotional offers 5-9 days before arrival – 30% penalty.
  6. Cancellation during the period of Package Tours and promotional offers less than 5 days before arrival – no refund, no possibility to reschedule dates.

Cancellation terms for Low Season (October 15 – May 10):

  1. Cancellation 72 hours before arrival – 100% refund / possibility to reschedule booking dates once.
  2. Cancellation less than 72 hours before arrival – no refund / possibility to reschedule booking dates once.
  3. No-show – 100% penalty.
  4. Cancellation during the period of Package Offers or booking by Action – no refund.

9.12. Cancellation conditions for groups:

Up to 20 days before the expected group arrival date, no penalties apply.

From 19 to 5 days before the expected group arrival date, the client may cancel up to 30% of the reserved rooms without penalties. For cancellations exceeding 30% of the reserved rooms during this period, the client pays a penalty of 50% of the cost of the canceled accommodation, exceeding 30%.

From 5 to 3 days before the expected group arrival date, the client may cancel up to 20% of the reserved rooms without penalties. For cancellations exceeding 20% of the reserved rooms during this period, the client pays a penalty of 75% of the cost of the canceled accommodation, exceeding 20%.

For cancellations less than 3 days before the expected arrival date or in case of arrival, the client pays a penalty of 50% of the cost of all reserved rooms for the entire period and a penalty of 50% of the cost of the reserved food products, conference service, and the cost of the reserved additional services.

If the participants of the Customer’s event cause damage, the Customer is obliged to pay the cost of all damages caused.

Cancellation conditions for other periods are agreed upon with the sales department and are confirmed by booking confirmation and/or contract.

Note: From January 1, 2021, the Boromikivska village council established a tourist tax rate in the amount of UAH 18.00 for residents and UAH 120.00 for non-residents.

10. Accommodation Policy

10.1. The hotel operates on a local settlement time – 12:00 for check-out and, if available, for check-in, 14:00 for check-in.

10.2. Registration and check-in at the hotel begin at 14:00 local time and, if rooms are available, at 12:00 local time.

10.3. Check-in before 14:00 is provided depending on room availability.

10.4. Early check-in from 06:00 to 12:00 incurs a 50% charge of the room rate for one day according to the tariff.

10.5. Early check-in from 00:00 to 06:00 incurs a 100% charge of the room rate for one day according to the tariff.

10.6. For stays less than a day, payment is charged for a full day regardless of the settlement time and settlement day.

10.7. Check-out after 12:00 is an additional service provided depending on room availability.

10.8. For check-out after the settlement hour from 12:00 to 22:00, a fee of 10% of the accommodation cost is charged for each hour.

10.9. For check-out after the settlement hour from 22:00 to 12:00 the next day, a fee of 100% of the room rate for one day according to the tariff is charged.

11. Termination of guest accommodation in the hotel. Refusal to accommodate.

11.1. Guests terminate their stay in the hotel upon expiration of the contract term.

11.2. The guest has the right to terminate the service contract at any time upon payment of the services actually provided.

11.3. If a guest repeatedly violates internal accommodation rules that result or may result in material damages or inconvenience to other guests, the hotel has the right to refuse accommodation or terminate the contract (evict).

11.4. The administrator reserves the right to refuse accommodation in the following cases:

  • The resident lacks documents, the documents are invalid or expired, or there are suspicions that the documents are forged.
  • There is no payment for the room in the established manner and in the required amount.
  • The guest has a disheveled or dirty appearance, is in an intoxicated state, or behaves inadequately or aggressively.
  • The guest refuses to comply with the internal rules of residence in the hotel (smoking rules, parking rules, etc.).
  • In other cases provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

In disputed cases, the issue is resolved by the administration.

12. Responsibility of the Hotel and Guests

12.1. In case of partial or complete failure to fulfill contractual obligations related to the provision of services, the party at fault must compensate the other party for the losses incurred as a result.

12.2. The hotel must take measures to rectify deficiencies in the service provided within the deadlines determined by the technical specifications and terms of repair or service restoration.

12.3. The hotel is responsible for the safekeeping of the guest’s belongings located in the room provided for accommodation, except for valuables (money, jewelry, valuable papers, electronics, etc.).

12.8. In case of loss or damage to belongings, the guest must immediately inform the hotel. If the guest does not raise their claims to the Hotel before the end of the stay, it is considered that their belongings were not lost or damaged.

12.9. If forgotten belongings are found, the hotel must promptly notify the owner if known. Forgotten items are kept in the hotel for 6 months, after which they are disposed of.

12.10. The hotel does not assume responsibility for the safety of guests’ motor vehicles.

12.11. In case of significant material damage caused to the Hotel due to the fault or negligence of guests or their visitors, an act of a specified form must be drawn up.

Enjoy your stay!