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Wood-fired Sauna

Wood-fired Sauna

  • available all year round

Gone are the days when sauna days were limited to Saturdays. At Shishkinn Hotel, every day is sauna day! So, instead of waiting for Saturday, come and warm up in our renovated hot sauna!

*This rate is based on booking the sauna for up to 6 people.

Each additional person – 500 UAH.

Each additional hour – 800 UAH.

Additionally, we can provide birch veniks for you – 300 UAH for 2 pieces.

Sauna booking and all details by phone: 063 730 55 00

Service Name
Price, UAH
Sauna Rental for 6 people
2000 UAH/2 hours
Additional Person
500 UAH
Additional Hour
800 UAH
Birch Venik Steaming
300 UAH/2 pieces