ShishkіNN -is the best holiday accommodation in eco hotel Chernigov

Decided to relax a little, but the cheerful company? Here are just some shouting - want to the forests, air and kebabs. Other want Russian bathhouse with a pool table . And some even desire to be enriched spiritually and look at some cultural values. Welcome to the eco-hotel ShishkіNN! We have everything to make your every wish comes true.

 A little bit of cultural values

Our hotel is 17 kilometers from Chernigov - an ancient and very interesting city. Only 20 minutes leisurely drive, and you'll see a lot of old churches and cathedrals, mysterious Anthony caves, monasteries, beautiful parks and alleys. And mind, you do not need to search and book hotels Chernigov, even pleasant, but still the city with a large flow of cars and noise. It is better to rest and sleep in a pine forest, among centuries-old trees and fresh air. Is not it?

Forest, air and comfortable accommodation

What is eco-hotel ShishkіNN? It is 10 acres of magnificent pine forest. That's a lot of healing transparent cubic meters of air. This is the cleanest in Europe river Snov (by the way, her red water because of the high iodine content). This is forest lake, magnificent scenery, peace and quiet.

And especially for smaller companies (4-6) we have a wonderful two-storeyed cottage. It has 3 rooms - living room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms. In the living room you will find a microwave, kettle, kitchen countertops and a minibar. Also in the house there is aTV, air conditioning, comfortable furniture and a fully equipped bathroom.

But the most interesting, near the cottage there is a cozy gazebo and barbecue. So kebabs - at least one day of rest! If you do not have a desire to cook at your disposal restaurants, lounge bar and grill-bar with excellent cuisine.

Russian bath-house, pool and a children room

For outdoor enthusiasts we are able to offer not just a lot, but a huge amount of fun. Sauna and billiards, bicycles and quads, trailers and skates, skis and sledges, winter carousel, roller and slide. And also there is a pool, fishing, hunting, balloon flights and a lot of space for sports games.

Children who have decided to relax with their parents, there are also entertainment. For them, the street is equipped with a magnificent playground. A children room with a full range of toys, cartoons and designers. And on Saturday Kids Club is waiting for them with a variety of master classes, games, quests and cheerful starts.