Children holidays organization

проведение детских праздников

We believe in one simple thing – when the child is happy, the parents are happy too. That’s why, we have done everything  possible to present our children with joy, and at the same time teach them something new and useful.

There are a lot of pleasant surprises for our younger guests in our hotel.

Wonderful children's room -  is the real world of children. It contains many beautiful toys, desktops and developing games, interesting books and cartoons.

Children's outdoor area is just what small fidgets need. There  are slides, carousels, swings among  large and beautiful pines. There  is a place to run and jump as much as children's hearts  wishes.

Skating, riding a bike, sledging, skating, skiing - all for young sportsmen and their parents. Here you’ll have a place to play and walk even for the most active kids.

And, of course, professional animators. They will never get someone bored. Funny starts, team games, mini discos, exciting quests and other fun that children like. Moreover informative workshops with  floral design, molding and baking dough, crafts with natural materials and not only. Children are having fun and developing at the same time.

For the little gourmets, we have developed a special children's menu. Experienced shefs have carefully thought over about proportions and composition of meals for kids. In addition, all food is prepared  only from natural products. That is why everything that will eat your children, is not only delicious, but also useful.

If you decide to celebrate children's holiday in our hotel, your kid will remember this party for a long time. Name Day or a birthday, graduation from kindergarten, or simply a meeting of little friends – there are a lot of reasons  to spend time with fun. We will help you to organize an event, choose the menu, decorate the room  and, of course, to cheer all the guests! Because it is a real pleasure for us to do it. 

In addition,  there is an open Kids Club in our hotel every Saturday. Here,  funny holidays, exciting activities and adventures  are waiting for kids. Also, there are a lot of competitions and gifts!

While children are playing, parents can take part in all competition with their children or spend their  time in a restaurant or play billiard, for example.