Eco-idea for your birthday from ShishkіNN

Thinking where to celebrate a birthday? Perhaps a picnic in a pine forest of eco-hotel ShishkіNN? Why not ?! This is a wonderful vacation away from city noise, beautiful scenery and delightful, clean air, combined with a high level of comfort!
Birthday at nature without any worries!
Birthday for each person is a special day. At this day, don't want to do anything, just enjoy a pleasant holiday. Self-organization of the holiday - its worries, stress and tiredness. Noting birthday in the forest of eco-hotel ShishkіNN, you can relax and don't think about problems. We independently organize the whole holiday, develop menus and entertainment.
For us, there is nothing not possible!

Many people think that a holiday outdoors can be spoiled by bad weather. But not in our eco-hotel. Especially for outdoor celebrations, we have a arbors. If you want a fairy tale and exotics - use the tent. It will not just protection from the rain, it's your fairy kingdom, beautifully decorated with flowers and balloons. You have your own idea of ​​decorating? Our experts will help bring it into reality.

Birthday in the forest should be interesting!
Tableful, even in nature, is boring. Need variety, outdoor games and exciting contests! You can arrange them by yourself. But, everyone should do their affairs. It will be better to left the program to the professionals! Eco-hotel ShishkіNN have a lot of experience and a lot of interesting ideas for the holiday. Scenario event is tailored to your wishes.

It can include:
  - Fun starts;
  - Quests;
  - Various contests;
  - Sporting events;
  - Culinary contests and master classes.
What should do a birthday?
Birthday with guests simply obliged to have fun and enjoy the holiday, and the rest we take under our control.