Country rest at eco-hotel ShishkiNN - funny, tasty and with health benefits!

Отдых на выходные под Киевом

Monday is the most sad day in your life? You should  spend your weekends in a appropriate way. Eco-hotel ShishkiNN knows the rules for sure!

You need a picturesque nature, an active entertainment and a tasty food. Also it is important to have a lovely friends or your sweetheart nearby.

Picturesque nature

Only one hour and a half and this is it! The ideal rest near Kyiv. Country club "ShishkiNN," is situated in Snovyanka, on the cleanest Snov River. The whole territory of the hotel is 10  hectares of protection forest.

The  everlasting pines, a lot of fresh air, full of  phytoncides, the absolute quietness and silence are around. A lot of tracks, that stretches between the trees, leads to the lake in forest with wonderful prairies! It seems it was created special for falling in love couples!

Hotel buildings are perfectly located around such a primitive beauty.

Active entertainments

Weekday’s rest at country club ShishkiNN is just  what young and active need. For those who need to spend  only a few hours with nature, ShishkiNN offers a lot of active entertainments.

Quard bikes. For extreme sports fans, we offer a unique journey through the woods. You will be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will set the direction.

Bycecles. It is always great to ride a bike, most of all we have a special routs for those, who want a true romance.

Rissian sauna. For those who like water treatments we offer to enjoy a traditional Russian sauna on firewood, where you can relax on a lake shore.

Billiard room. If it is rainy or snowy outside or you just want to relax after a long walk  - our billiard room is just for you. 12-inch tables for Russian billiard and 9-inch tables for pool billiard are at your service.

Hunting. Yes, we’ll give you such an opportunity. An experienced hunter shows you the places and who knows, may be you will be lucky to have a bag!

Also we have rollers, pattens, skates, sledges, fishing-rods and jolly merry-go-round in Winter.

Tasty food

Country club ShishkiNN develops and encourages a town habit to eat  delicious food in resraurants. Two restaurants, lounge-bar and grill-bar,  “Shkatulka” restaurant  with colorful, slavonic design and subtle  kitchen works till the last guest. The main restaurant “Grand-cafe” is a perfect place for breakfasts. Lounge-bar is an ideal place for romantic dinner and Grill-bar will please you with a large amount of grill-menu and meat dishes.

All our chefs cooks perfectly well and are able to surprise even so capricious guests.


Comfortable rooms

There are  comfortable and beautiful rooms in our hotel. All of them, without exception, are equipped with electronic locks, air conditioning, mini-bars. All rooms have TV, telephone, comfortable furniture and even an electronic lock box. The bathrooms are extremely clean and are equipped with a full range of bath accessories. And moreover, rooms have fantastic views of the forest and the lake through the windows.

All rooms are ready to accommodate 2-4 guests. There are 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments.

If you choose where to spend your vacation not far from Kyiv, we invite you to eco-hotel ShishkiNN. Your rest will be unforgettable!

You will love it!