Base of rest in a pine forest near Kiev

база отдыха под Киевом

Pine forest, clear air, pure river Snov, tents ... Beauty! But to live a few days in a tent - more tired for you than restful. And if in your plans there is not only complete "unity" with nature, but also an interesting entertainment? Why not enjoy nature in late autumn or winter?

That is why many residents of the capital are confident that base of rest in a pine forest near Kiev - the best variant of outdoor rest. Eco- hotel ShishkіNN - is better than the base of rest.

To get to the eco- hotel is easy. More or less 150 km from Kiev on a good road will take maximum 2 hours. At the site a car will be waited by a comfortable secure parking. And you will be waited by 10 hectares of evergreen forest, healthy air, forest lake, river and absolutely everything you need for a comfortable rest.

Comfortable rooms

The rooms have everything to sleep sweetly, to take shower and store all your things.

Each room has comfortable bed and clean bed linen, bedside tables and a wardrobe, shelves, chairs, tables and even an electronic safe. There is a tv, mini bar, telephone and air conditioning. In a perfectly clean bathroom there is a complete set of towels, bathrobes, hair dryer and mini perfumes sets. And you will have fantastic views on the forest and the lake!

In the room you will not be bitten by mosquitoes, wiil not be scared by the thunder with lightning and snakes. And even in the snowy winter, you can spend unforgettable holidays in the middle of the forest.


The hotel has wonderful restaurants with very tasty cuisine. European and national dishes are prepared only from natural products. And the menu is very diverse and is for any most exacting taste. If you want a meal from the fire, you can sit at Grill-bar. Luxury grill menu, lots of fresh and tasty meat will please everyone. And it does not need to spend time cooking! It is better to do something more interesting.


Pine forest sky ... ... rivers and lakes ... And you sit with a fishing rod at the shore ... Tired with a fishing rod? Please, take your bike or quad, and go through the woods.

Is it raining? Russian and American billiards are at your service.

Do not know what to do with kids? Send them to the nursery to a professional nurse.

Do you want something unusual? Russian sauna on the wood with a birch broom. Then dive into the lake ... or you can go for a hunt to the nearby land. Professional ranger will explain everything to you and tell.

The hotel ShishkіNN knows how to please everyone! So if your plans - base of the rest (Kyiv), come to us. And for particularly restless you can take a tent.