Spa intensive "Get rid of excess weight"!

"Friends, we have great news! We have opened the SPA - intensive" Get rid of excess weight sale. "This program is aimed at reducing the weight and care of your beauty and health.

Within 7 days, you will be expecting daily SPA procedures, aimed at figure correction, nutrition on the menu "Biolight", unlimited pool visits, aqua aerobics and crystal clear air! Lost volumes and fun company are provided to you!

Package of SPA services "Get rid of excess weight" is:

     •    SPA composition "Minus kilogram" (1 procedure):

        Hammam peeling

        Lymphatic drainage massage

        Wrap for weight loss "body contour"

        SPA hand care

        •     Heating in the bio-sauna (1 time on arrival)
        •     Anti-cellulite massage (2 procedures)
·         Lymphatic drainage massage

          •     Sharko Shower or Underwater Modeling Massage to choose from (1 procedure)

  • Unlimited pool visits
  • Aqua aerobics
·         Excretion of excess fluid increases
·         Eliminate swelling
·         Weight is reduced
·         Formed body contour
·         Brings pleasure

 Why do you need to choose us?

Our goal is not to starve you and not to train but to show a healthy lifestyle in the diet, in physical activity, and the most importantly in thoughts.

Package of SPA services "Get rid of excess" with the discount -10% for only 5403 UAH per person

7 days of rest in a comfortable European-level hotel.
Tasty and healthy food! Our  chef together with endocrinologist and nutritionist have developed for  You a special menu "Biolight", which will fill your body with useful and necessary vitamins and minerals — for energy, vitality and health! And remember!!! No hunger!

The most effective complex of SPA procedures "Get rid of excess" will start your body to work differently, will start the mechanisms of purification and activation of metabolic processes.

Oxygen and energy saturation of the age-old pine forest! Shishkinn Resort & Spa is surrounded by 100 hectares of forest!

Physical activity – it is easy! Moderate jogging and walking forest trails, unlimited use of the pool, at your request, individual fitness training, Aqua aerobics, bike rides.
Feel the situation of success! Minus 2-4 kilograms in 7 days - really, are you ready to challenge yourself?

We will give you a start! Finish is for you! By following this way of life at home, you can slim and get young!

The tour price includes:
  •      Double accommodation for 7 days and 6 nights in the Twin room
  •      Course of correct and healthy nutrition by specially developed menu "Biolight"
  •      Package of SPA services "Get rid of excess weight" *
  •      Unlimited visits of the swimming pool
  •      One Visit of the sauna on the wood
  •      Late check-out

Double accommodation in the room category "Twin" price of 15999 UAH per person
Single accommodation in the room category "Standard" price 20739 UAH per person

We have children's room! We guarantee busy time for your children and full freedom for you!

At your request, we have organized an  individual fitness training, consultation of an endocrinologist, a nutritionist and a psychologist.

We are waiting for a full immersion in the program of weight loss and care for yourself!

Consultation and booking of SPA services by phone: 0637305500



We offer you:

     Comfortable accommodation
     Healthy Eating
     SPA programs for the whole family
     Fun and cognitive animation for children