Improving immunity program!

Vacation!!! The recovery time of your children, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air! We offer you a plan for the whole family: take a trip to ShishkiNN with a spa for children and adults. Such a trip will bring health to you and your children, breathe in new energy and help you gain strength!


Special SPA offer for babies

     Individually selected course of exercise therapy 7 procedures

Massage and exercise therapy in violation of posture:

The main tasks of such a massage are strengthening of stretched muscles and relaxation of spasmed muscles of the back, strengthening of blood circulation in the body, elimination of stoop, pain.
° Improved posture;
° Symmetrical arrangement of shoulders, shoulder blades;
° Improve the overall well-being of the child.

Massage and exercise therapy for flat feet:
A healthy child needs healthy and strong legs that give support to the body, they must be stable and strong. Our masters will strengthen the muscles of the feet, improve the blood supply of the spot and lower leg.
° Feeling of lightness in the legs;
° The correct position of the foot when walking;
° Increase the internal arch of the foot.

     Oxygen cocktail
     Unlimited enjoyment of water treatments in the pool.

 This complex contributes to the good development and emotional balance of the child, improves the functioning of the digestive system, alleviates problems of stomach cramps and gases, and has a general tonic and invigorating effect.

  The cost of a spa package for one child is 2885 UAH


Kids are our most welcome guests. From year to year they conquer our heart with their fun, resourcefulness, energy, and willingness to dream. Without any doubt, these are our most special guests who deserve only the best. We are preparing a bright daily animation:

  •      Quests
  •      Culinary master classes
  •      Sports
  •       Creativity Contests
  •       Mini disco


And the task of all these activities is to ensure that children grow and develop their minds, receive bright emotions!


Full package "Increase Immunity"

      Stay 7 days, 6 nights in a Standard room
     SPA package for children
     Oxygen Cocktail
     Three meals a day
     Water aerobics

  Cost for 1 adult and child up to 12 years - 21494 UAH



Children in our lives - the most important. Our main task is to make the children relaxed with us, be happy. Come and get benefits that will help you and your family spend an unforgettable vacation.

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In ShishkiNN for you:

  •      Comfortable accommodation
  •      Healthy food
  •      SPA programs for the whole family
  •      Leisure
  •      Fun and informative animation for children