Ivana Kupala in ShishkiNN!

We invite you to the national holiday Ivan Kupala! On the holiday of the Sun and love, nature releases its forces into the wild.

For the whole family:

-  "Sand Kingdom" - we build sandcastles on the summer recreation area

-  Quest "Secret Trails" - go in search of flowering fern

-  "Charm" - a creative workshop

-  "Morena and Kupala"-  master class in weaving dolls with field grass

-  Funny gatherings around the campfire with weaving wreaths and dancing

-  Evening lively quiet music on the summer terrace

In ShishkiNN also for you:

- Comfortable accommodation

- Healthy food

- SPA programs for the whole family

- Activity

- Fun and informative animation for children

For more information call 0639745510

Have a fun holiday!