Hawaiian Hot Weekend

Incendiary dances, bright impressions, tanned bodies, white-toothed smiles - all this combined with cocktails from our bartenders will make this weekend unforgettable for you!

July 26-27 are waiting for you:

We treat all the guests in Hawaiian style with a cocktail!

Brightness and originality - all of this is Hawaii!

  The traditional female costume includes a short top and a long hula skirt. Bright sundresses, blouses, swimsuits. The costume is decorated with a lush lei garland and a colorful wreath of fresh flowers.

  For the stronger sex, the issue with the suit can be solved in a couple of minutes :). White shorts, a bright Hawaiian shirt with bright prints and flip-flops are enough. An interesting attribute would be a straw hat or a small guitar :).

  • Hit of the day! Delicious cocktails from our bartenders!
  •      A quick course of training children incendiary dancing
  •     "Aloha" !!! - football match
  •      Dance lesson for everyone
  •     "Summer! The sun! Beach! "- quest game for children
  •     "Mini-disco" - children's disco for kids
  •     "Hand-made" - do Hawaiian gifts with your own hands
  •     Musical evening at the summer playground.

Music, flowers in your hair, delicious cocktails and good mood are waiting for you!

Well? Reservations?

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  • Fun and informative animation for children

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Have a fun holiday!